Abiding in the Word

December 2017

(you may listen to the individual reading by clicking on the book)

DateOld TestamentPsalm/ProverbNew Testament   Read Abiding Prayer
December 01Ruth 4Psalm 104:1-9I Corinthians 14ReadAbidingPrayer
December 02Judges 4Psalm 104:10-23I Corinthians 15ReadAbidingPrayer
December 03Judges 5Psalm 104:24-35I Corinthians 16ReadAbidingPrayer
December 04Judges 6Psalm 105:1-11II Corinthians 1ReadAbidingPrayer
December 05Judges 7Psalm 105:12-24II Corinthians 2ReadAbidingPrayer
December 06Judges 8Psalm 105:25-36II Corinthians 3ReadAbidingPrayer
December 07Judges 9Psalm 105:37-45II Corinthians 4ReadAbidingPrayer
December 08I Samuel,1Psalm 106:1-12II Corinthians 5ReadAbidingPrayer
December 09I Samuel 2Psalm 106:13-27II Corinthians 6ReadAbidingPrayer
December 10I Samuel 3Psalm 106:28-39II Corinthians 7ReadAbidingPrayer
December 11Judges 10Psalm 106:40-48II Corinthians 8ReadAbidingPrayer
December 12Judges 11Psalm 107:1-9II Corinthians 9ReadAbidingPrayer
December 13Judges 12Psalm,107:10-22II Corinthians 10ReadAbidingPrayer
December 14I Samuel 4Psalm 107:23-32II Corinthians 11ReadAbidingPrayer
December 15I Samuel 5Psalm107:33-43II Corinthians 12ReadAbidingPrayer
December 16I Samuel 6Psalm 108:1-13II Corinthians 13ReadAbidingPrayer
December 17I Samuel 7Psalm 109:1-20Romans 1ReadAbidingPrayer
December 18Judges 13Psalm 109:21-31Romans 2ReadAbidingPrayer
December 19Judges 14Psalm 110Romans 3ReadAbidingPrayer
December 20Judges 15Psalm 111Romans 4ReadAbidingPrayer
December 21Judges 16Psalm 112Romans 5ReadAbidingPrayer
December 22Judges 17Psalm 113Romans 6ReadAbidingPrayer
December 23Judges 18Psalm 114Romans 7ReadAbidingPrayer
December 24Judges 19Psalm 115:1-8Romans 8ReadAbidingPrayer
December 25Judges 20Psalm 115:9-18Romans 9ReadAbidingPrayer
December 26Judges 21Psalm 116:1-11Romans 10ReadAbidingPrayer
December 27I Chronicles 2Psalm 116:12-19Romans 11ReadAbidingPrayer
December 28I Chronicles 3Psalm 117Romans 12ReadAbidingPrayer
December 29I Chronicles 4Psalm 118:1-9Romans 13ReadAbidingPrayer
December 30I Chronicles 5Psalm 118:10-18Romans 14ReadAbidingPrayer
December 31I Chronicles 6Psalm 118:19-29Romans 15ReadAbidingPrayer

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