“Creation Adventure” 2024

June 28th - 30th

There will be a maximum of 2-3 groups of boys and 2-3 groups of girls
with 5-10 kids in each group for a total of 20-60 campers.
Each group will need 1 councilor.


Weston Corder, Jon Spencer, Natalie Smith, Lauren Denius, 

Jeff Barker, Michelle Barker, Ben Toman & Rich Denius.


          Focus: “HOPE” God the Creator and story of creation

10:00 Registration: Lauren Denius
             Kids arrive around 10am, Name Badges.

             Will play kickball until rules time.


10:45 - Introduction and Rules

11:00Leader: Jeff Barker
            Hitting the mark Lesson is Sin, missing the mark


12:00 - Lunch Sub Sandwich and jello

12:45 - Subject is God as Creator

   Lesson is “Creator of All”           Leader: Michelle Barker

    Activity: Birds

   Lesson is “Creator of All”           Leader: Ben Toman

    Activity: Bugs

2:45 - Bathroom Break

3:00 - Kickball

4:30 Teacher: Pastor Weston Corder
           Devotional about the “Creator” and how He made us individually.

           “Let *US* make man in *OUR* Image. Who is the “Us” and “Our”? 

4:55 - Bathroom Break

5:00 - Dinner - Hot dogs and chips

5:30 - Camp Songs and Worship    Leader: Scott Yuppa

5:45 - Popsicle

6:00 - Camp is over for the day, children go home.


Morning Focus: “HEART” The Holy Spirit, God’s power in our lives

8:30 - Breakfast - Traditional pancake and sausage

  NOTE: Saturday Breakfast

  Barker: Pancakes & Napkins

   Denius: Drinks & Cups

   Toman: Butter & Syrup

  Turnbull: Sausages, Plates & Utensils

9:30 - Gardening and Plant life     

   Lesson is Germination   

       Leader: Lauren Denius

 Lesson is Discovery walk   

       Leader: Rich Denius

    5 Ws and How

11:30 - Bathroom Break

11:45 - Devotional: The Holy Spirit...  Teacher: Pastor Kipp Planck

12:00 - Lunch - Sub Sandwich and jello


Afternoon Focus: “HAPPINESS” Jesus our Savior

12:30 - executing a game plan

    Lesson is Escaping... Director Rich Denius

     Activity: Building Rockets

2:10 - devotional: Jesus

  Connecting Creation, God the Creator and Holy Spirit all together.  

       Teacher: Director Rich Denius


2:30 - Camp Songs and Worship with gospel presentation
Leader: Scott Yuppa,  Director Rich Denius

2:45 - Snack - Popsicle

3:00 - Camp is over for the day, children go home.

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